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Random Playlist News

By: Fayetality - April 12th


Great job tonight!

By: Fayetality - March 27th


Great job on Horridon!

By: Fayetality - March 7th

1/12 ToT

Good job!

By: Fayetality - February 22nd

4/4 Terrace

Awesome job guys!

By: Fayetality - February 15th

3/4 Terrace

Nice work! :)

By: Fayetality - February 14th

2/4 Terrace

Tsulong down!  

By: Fayetality - February 6th

1/4 Terrace

good job folks

  • Bluu: elite^
By: Fayetality - February 1st

6/6 HoF

Great work everyone!

  • Phirehawk: Awesome guys!
By: Fayetality - January 24th

5/6 Updated

Nice clam Verix.  

By: Fayetality - January 10th

4/6 HoF

Nice clams.  

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